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EspressoRigs bases most of its programs and monthly offers on leasing principles. It is estimated that over 80% of all Businesses in North America use leasing to acquire some or all of their business equipment and machinery. We chose leasing as the primary conduit of our offers because we believe it is most efficient way of acquiring working assets:

Capital Preservation

Leasing lets a company conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. Cash tied up in fixed assets is no longer available to finance important profit generating areas such as inventory, production, marketing, research and development, etc. In addition, with a lease, Sales Tax and other Taxes are not paid up front at the time the asset is acquired; but rather are remitted with the monthly payments over the life of the lease.

Easier Budgeting

Lease terms, payment streams and purchase options can be tailored to meet most budgets. In addition, because most leases are based on fixed rates the customer is not at risk due to interest rate fluctuations.

Financial Efficiency

The revenues (or cost savings) generated by the use of new equipment and machinery can be used to pay the lease payments. Expenses are matched to the generated revenues – a sound business management principle.


In addition to tailored payment streams, leases can be designed with different types of purchase options. Moreover, leasing your business assets often facilitates easier upgrades, add-ons and trade-ups.

Financing of “Soft Costs”

Freight, installation, initial set-up costs, service and maintenance costs, and many other initial costs associated with an equipment or machinery acquisition can generally be included in the cost of a lease, subject to certain limitations. This helps to significantly reduce your initial cash outlay.

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