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This espresso coffee machine has been nicknamed the “workhorse” and for good reason. It’s the machine that will be by your side for the long-term while serving delicious brew time and time again without a hiccup. When you want a reliable machine that at the same time provides the ultimate coffee-tasting experience, this is a great machine to consider.

This coffee-maker is ideal for cafes, large-size restaurants, dessert stores, bakeries and other food service establishments that see a lot of traffic.  The La Marzocco Linea Classic line of machines was the base support for the industry of specialty coffee development ever since 1988. This is a heavy, tried and true and trusted machine that will serve you well and create a solid base of customers.

The Linea is a classic machine with simple lines and an elegant charm that would look great in any foodservice establishment. It can handle a lot of volume and when you need it the most you know it will be there for you.

LINEA Classic Auto-Volumetric 2 Group Features

  • Dual boilers
  • Steam Boiler Capacity 7 litres
  • Coffee Boiler Capacity 3.4 litres
  • Height 21 inches
  • Width 28 inches
  • Depth 22 inches
  • Weight 128 inches
  • Cronos keypad (special order)
  • Barista lights
  • Thermal stability
  • Much more

The PID Controller

The controller uses a special algorithm that regulates the heating element in regards to how long and when it is engaged in the brew boiler. This provides energy efficiency and less temperature variability. As a result, the coffee temperature will be more consistent from one cup to the next. The temperature can also be easily adjusted by a barista with the simple push of a button on an external keypad.

The exterior of the machine is impressive with stainless sheet and painted steel panels. The Linea Classic Auto-Volumetric 2 Group has been designed with optimized with an ergonometric design, incredible aesthetics and a solid construction that reduces the chance of damage occurring.

To find out more about our extensive line of espresso coffee machines, please visit our website.  We can help you open up a brand-new world of coffee production in your café or restaurant that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

If you have any questions at all about the various models available on our site, please don’t hesitate to call 1-866-393-3640. Our team of consultants can answer your questions and help you determine the exact model you need most in your food establishment.