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La Marzocco has set the professional standard when it comes to espresso machines on a global basis. This machine is admired not only for its functionality but also for its aesthetics that are sure to be admired by all of your customers.

This model offers a comprehensive update on the styling and technical aspects of the industry icon. It represents the first update in 25 years with new electronics and an improved lifespan of its components. Baristas can now control functions from the interface of the machine directly including the tap dose of the hot water, boiler temperatures, auto-back flush, the brewing volume and much more.

LINEA PB Auto-Volumetric (AV) 3 Group Features

  • Height 21 inches
  • Width 37 inches
  • Depth 22 inches
  • Weight 163 lbs.
  • PID Controller
  • Dual Boilers
  • Saturated Groups

The PID controller uses a special algorithm that regulates the engagement of the heating element in the brew boiler. This improves the stability of energy regulation, which in turn dramatically reduces temperature inconsistencies. Simply put, customers will enjoy consistently great coffee every time they enter your shop.

A barista can use the simple keypad to adjust the boiler temperature while the separate boilers control and optimize the steam and production of the espresso. The saturated groups provide unrivaled thermal stability that can’t be found in other machines.

Other options that are available by special order include customizable colours and barista lights featuring LED lighting. A Cronos keypad is also available that monitors the extraction time with a digital shot timer. These units give a foodservice operator the opportunity to take more control over the coffee he is serving, which will ultimately lead to an established base of satisfied customers.

When people go to your place of business and order a shot of espresso, they will remember exactly how it tastes and will return if they are pleased. Espresso connoisseurs know exactly what it takes to brew the perfect cup time after time and will definitely let others know where they can find the best espresso in town.

To see the incredible line of La Marzocco espresso machines available, please visit our website today or give us a call at 1-866-393-3640 if you have any questions about the different models! Our expert consultants can let you know more about the individual espresso equipment we have available and help you determine the right one for your establishment.